SCF Application Process

Apply for a grant

Apply for a grant

For more information and to discuss funding options please contact Miriam Swan:
01730 819223

The Sustainable Communities Fund Application Process

The first step in the application process is to contact the National Park Ranger for your area and the Grants Officer (contact details at the top of this page). If it is felt that your project could be supported you will be invited to make a Small Grant application for up to £2,000 or a Large Grant application for up to £10,000.

Your application will be considered at a scheduled Grant Panel Meeting where, for Large Grants, you will be invited to attend a short question and answer session. Application submission deadlines are approximately one calendar month before each meeting and meeting dates can also be found on the Grant Panel Meeting page.

Please ensure that you have read through the Criteria before contacting us.

Application forms are not available for download as we encourage an initial conversation about your project first.