Trees for the Downs

Trees for the Downs

Trees for the Downs

Trees are incredible.

They give us clean air to breathe, enhance natural beauty, support wildlife and are vital for tackling climate change.

But our treescape is changing because of the impact of pests and diseases – and that’s why we need your help.

Pests and diseases like ash dieback and Dutch elm disease are growing concerns and threaten a significant number of trees nationally, including in the South Downs National Park. In 2020 we planted just over 10,000 trees across 20 sites – please see the map at the bottom of this page for location information.

With more woodland than any other National Park in England or Wales, trees form a vital part of our precious South Downs landscape. After a tremendous! response to our initial 2020 appeal, Trees for the Downs will now look to plant 100,000 trees over the next 5 years, in community spaces, along roads and popular walking routes.

We have raised £175,000 of approximately £260,000 necessary and will continue to raise the remaining amounts over the next 5 years.

If you are interested in planting Trees, please keep an eye on our Grants page where we will release an applications round each spring.

Make a difference today and support Trees for the Downs.

With Special Thanks to Our Supporters:

  • The many individuals who have donated

  • Boltini Trust

  • Chalk Cliff Trust

  • Friends of the South Downs

  • Our Founding Patrons

  • Swire Charitable Trust

The South Downs will lose around 1 in 5 of its ash trees in the next 10 years.

Dutch elm disease has killed over 60 million British elms in two epidemics.